The Website You Can Trust for Your Shipping Needs is the registered web domain of Caribconex VI, LLC, a US Virgin Islands Corporation. We offer the easiest and best way to ship your freight to the Virgin Islands.

Our company is newly established, and our management and warehouse team have decades of experience in the shipping business. You can be assured that once your shipment arrives at our facility, our skilled staff will unload it into a clean, modern warehouse. We will handle your freight with the utmost care.

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You won’t need to fill out forms and wait in lines just to ship your cargo and then wonder later on if your shipment will be cleared through the US Customs. We will do all these things for you, from paying any duties and excise fees and scheduling your delivery at a time convenient for you.

Located in Bovoni Center, our facility is minutes away from Havensight, Red Hook, St. John Ferry Terminal, and several East End resorts. If you are from Fortuna or Coral Bay, you can also take advantage of our service as we deliver to you as well.

Caribconex VI, LLC
A Florida Limited Liability Company

Our Shipping Partner has receiving locations in:

  • California
  • New Jersey
  • Miami, Florida (Headquarters)
  • Ontario, Canada

The Miami facility includes a 50,000-square-feet warehouse with 24 loading bays. It has a Container Freight Station (CFS) certification.

A CFS certification allows us to receive freight from anywhere in the world and to comingle with stateside freight for shipment to the Virgin Islands. With this, it will be easier and cheaper for you to purchase foreign-made products and get them shipped to the Virgin Islands.

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You can register, upload invoices, and download shipping documents in our website. If you want to track shipments, you can see pictures of your freight being weighed, measured, and loaded into containers. is the only name to remember when shipping vehicles, equipment, commercial merchandise, furniture, and household goods. Reach out to us today!


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